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November 7, 2012
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         My thoughts on Dairugger XV being cancelled by the time of its release

You know it's screwed up when you do not see the whole anime and remove most of its content for children programming on America. You know something's wrong when the robot is not popular than the one with space lions. YOU KNOW WHEN SOMETHING IS WRONG WHEN IT HAS SO MUCH THINGS WRONG WITH IT THAT I AN'T DESCRIBE HOW MUCH HATE HAS BEEN PUT INTO THIS UP UNTIL NOW!!!

All I could say is what the hell is wrong with you,Miracle productions?!! We had high hopes for you when it was gonna be released early this year but some asshole thinks he is some director of toys,decided to cancel it out,change the rules and just gave us the banhammer...

Ok,let's see what is wrong with this picture. Let's go back allllll the way to the start of this mayhem,shall we? First off,you're watching the last episode of Voltron: The final victory. Lotor's gone and the empire of Zarkon has been eliminated so everything is dandy except for Sven that is and after the victory...blam. Scenes from Dairugger XV came out of nowhere,hinting that a new generation of Voltron will be the new season of Voltron.

Weeks later,watching the first episodes,don't make sense. Watch episode after episode,doesn't make sense. Watch the last episode,it does not MAKE SENSE!!!! What the hell is wrong with Dairugger you may ask? I'll tell you one thing: it is so inconsistent!! There are scenes where somebody has to die but it fades out to somewhere either peaceful,exotic or after that shot. Either way,it wraps around your head with confusion like I am now.

Need I remind you that the anime Dairugger has a fetish for killing people off like a bastard child of Yoshiyuki Tomino would? I sure as hell would like to see an uncensored version of this other than Vehicle voltron crap. Let me explain to you how this happened: WEP had originally wanted Daltanious,Albegas and Dairugger to be part of a trilogy called Voltron after Bandai's Godaikin line failed miserably to tackle the might of Transformers and Gobots. Golion,Dairugger XV had saw fame in the so called trilogy and most of the deaths were cut out due to them looking like kid-shows even though guns are available everywhere in AMERICA!!! HOW DO U NOT C THAT?!!! THAT MAKES NO SENSE!!! That maybe why people hate Vehicle Voltron in the first place,the cartoon was horribly butchered but today,we have Transformers Prime to thank for now that cartoons can be enjoyable for kids even if they are mildly violent. I say go for Transformers Prime. Voltron is not worth watching in the first place,even the confusing Voltron Force cartoon. It sucks.
See my other pics of this really is sad,isn't it?

Also,see how horribly butchered this cartoon/anime was.




Dairugger XV (True anime classic): [link]
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