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G1 Optimus Prime Render (with Ron Friedman interv) by RyugaSSJ3
G1 Optimus Prime Render (with Ron Friedman interv)
So yeah,inspired by :icondebbiichan:'s renders of Lynn Minmay and we end up with Masami Obari's version of Optimus Prime. I also forgot that a week ago was his birthday...uhhh...Happy Birthday,Obari? :) Late one that is.

Oh and I forgot:

-The picture doesn't belong to me, I just rendered it 
-If you use it, please give me a credit or add to favourites
-Enjoy it! ;) (Wink)

Oh and another thing,I've found this interview in the archives of the :iconanimeretroclub: group:…  
Galvatron Render by RyugaSSJ3
Galvatron Render
Hey we go with another badass render and this time...GALVATRON!!! One of my most fave Decepticons of all time. This guy...crazy shout with it.

So I was inspired yet again :icondebbiichan: and who to blame her? Her renders of Lynn Minmay were so badass,I had to render this guy.

So if you want anything to do with this:

-give me credit

-I did not make this,I just found in on google just by searching masami obari's name even though Shinya Ohira made this in tribute to the guy.

-eat lots of fish and chips

;) Thanks for watching.
Armored fightingleaf Bari Style WIP by RyugaSSJ3
Armored fightingleaf Bari Style WIP
Just something to kill boredom. :iconfightingleaf: as he was depicted during the final part of the three part pilot of the audio drama called the Crusaders' Adventures - Avalon Venture By the powers that be:…

So I've been very inactive lately due to my unsure and unprecedented fate of what's gonna happen to me,had no backbone to do anything...heck,I'm just caught and trapped in the middle of nowhere somewhere deep in my mind but hey,that's what happens when you grow old,you tend to feel that the things you do would be questionable aaand I'll soon grow out of it,I hope.

So here's fightingleaf in a battle armor and since there's not a lot of crazy good and angular fanart of the guys there,I just had to make this...WIP. X_X The end result will be leaving the actual guy running for cover because as Husky the handwolf would say 'It's gonna get awesome!'
So I've been really pissed off with a certain ninja Sentai recently and well,it went as you all expected. I even scared off a bunch of people whom I "talked" to about this whole thing and went off being angered and such by mentioning the flaws of Ninninger. But here's a theory going on in my head about how quality seems to be bouncing off Toei when it comes not only to their shows but also animes as well. 

People were expecting DragonBall Super to be the most hyped up series ever since we've obtained some greatness out of both Dragonball Z Battle of Gods and Resurrection of F which were created by Akira Toriyama after he hated how Dragonball Evolution came into being. True story. He said it himself. But then...Super decreased in quality and we see that in Ep. 5. That's where people have been pointing out in problems with Toei nowadays. 

That leads me to the Toku section of their work which is only Kamen Rider and Super Sentai which looking at both 2000's and 2010's is laughably opposite in terms of content and tone. Here..we actually see the problem within. Toei just really wanted Sentai and Kamen Rider to change into the direction that would attract people younger than the intended audience which would be the elementary schoolers or middle schoolers. Now,I'm not saying that both of these shows shouldn't be intended for young kids,I can see that but the direction that Ninninger and some Kamen Rider(I know Ghost is playing but we'll see how it goes) is heading to feels like it was meant for kids waaaaay younger than elementary school kids. It's baffling to see how Sentai went from a show about 5 young adults fighting to save the world from an evil organization while also doing action movie star stunts and doing impossible feats into a comedy show meant for toddlers..You see where I'm going with this?!!

Ninninger is just underwhelming to the point that it isn't Sentai like and something like Kyoryuger understood what Sentai is all about..understanding the world and the characters and being big DAMN Heroes!! Ninninger is just waaay too laid back and casual to be an actual Sentai which pisses off most fans. I watched some episodes of a not too old Toei tokusatsu called Kabutack and I see what Toei is trying to do,introducing little kids into the fantastic world of Toku through Sentai and Kamen Rider by toning down the epicness of them all. But one problem...IT DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT!!! You can't expect people to accept this kind of change than what we're used to when we were young. If you wanted to introduce little kids into these shows,bring back Kabutack or something without harming Sentai or Kamen Rider's direction. It would just piss fans off...including me. Now I get why there are lots of cameos in Ninninger...not even the Ninningers are interesting to garner their attention. 

It really bugs the hell outta me that this would be happening. Tokusatsu means 'special effects show' and Ninninger isn't even close to being called one with all the childish-like antics going on. Was there ever a reason why Saban Brands changed the story of Power Rangers Ninja Steel into something more insane and chaotic that would fit in a 90's style comic book and it still got my attention? Because Toei doesn't know what to do at this point! IF anyone can tell me why they are nerfing Sentai into a toddler's comedy or whatever it's called,please tell me. Please tell me because imo,this is not how it supposed to go. Toei..just bring back Kabutack or Robotack,it would be cool to see those guys back.

Oh,also..a Sentai doesn't always have to be serious and stuff,have a little comedy here and there but make it seem like they are living like teenagers or young adults going through problems of life or having internal conflicts but please don't make it as dumb as well...what happened in the first 30 episodes of Ninninger.

Also,I'm willing to see Zyuohger since its got antics and all. Bottomline,Sentai needs to get to a new direction. Kamen Rider is doing new things but has to do something otherwise...its gonna be left with a LOT of unhappy fans.

Well,tell me what you guys think in the comments below. Am I wrong to say this or should I learn something? I'm just sharing my thoughts on this whole situation. Just lemme know since...'sigh' I've been through a whole lot.


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Once a spriter but now a traditional artist who yearns the days of the golden age of anime where its hot and groovy. I believe it and it is my only wish for this world.

Current Residence: Asia..Singapore..darn
deviantWEAR sizing preference: dunno wth it is and dun care
Print preference: no idea wth it is
Favourite genre of music: Hip-hop,R & B,classics,jazz,rap
Favourite photographer: Can't remember anything bout it
Favourite style of art: Obari and Kanada style animation,80's japanese style
Operating System: of what sort it is
MP3 player of choice: My Mobile phone,duh!
Shell of choice: What shell,is it rogue from x-men?
Wallpaper of choice: Anything that suits me except for SD and cutesy stuff..i'm the type for manly stuff.
Skin of choice: What? it's white of course..what the heck
Favourite cartoon character: Sara Yuki,Cable,Umi Ryuuzaki,Iczer-2,Minami Kotaro
Personal Quote: Let's rock!! Also trademarked 'Cybertronian shish-kebab' which I called Bludgeon's fighting style.

I will not be accepting any requests anymore and now,commissions will have to be prepared for anyone willing to pay these prices.

15 - 30 points for black and white sketch (pencil)

50 - 75 points for b&w sketch (pen)

100 points for colored portrait (pencil)

300 points for complete utter art (combo of pens,pencils and markers,paint,whatever)

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