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Hirano's ultimate plan of Iczer-1 timeline by RyugaSSJ3
Hirano's ultimate plan of Iczer-1 timeline
Uhuh,you didn't think you see this coming,did ya guys? ;)

Yes,this was seen in the Iczer Densetsu manga so I thought I might share you guys a little interesting dive into the mind of Hirano when he was still developing this manga. 

Now I've been finding sites that say some things about Iczer Densetsu here:………

All I got was zits. Not even this blog here:…

Any kind of information of the Iczer Legend manga will never truly be discovered. Only if Toshihiro Hirano can speak about the project itself but then again,he hasn't been...wait,he's STILL HAVING WORK?…

WHAT A SHOCK!! Maybe we will be getting some answers soon enough but I digress. So let's have a look at this picture,shall we?

So for starters,I know that Golden Warrior Iczer-1 has been translated by Antarctic Press in the 90's and is REALLY rare to find from what I can tell. Like no shit,sherlock. Tell me something I dunno. Still trying to find this manga/comic though so I could place them in some manga websites. X_X And please be a seeder in this:…

From what I've read here:… Iczer-1 was meant to be the end of the story. Adventure! Iczer-3 the Radio Drama was much of a parody of Iczer-1,filled with tokusatsu style fights and monster/dai-kaiju battles galore with bug empire of evil sold separately. I've watched it on nicovideo and I get that Hirano just wants Iczer-1's story to end. You can see the Iczer-3 Audio Drama here:… Also,please be sure to make an account there because...there ya go. 

However,something changed Hirano's mind and urged him to make the OVA which is much of an unrelated being itself. So there are two versions of Iczer-3,one which looks like a Kikaider and Metalder colour scheme while another with black and silver color scheme almost reminiscent of Kamen Rider Black.

You can see the resemblance of Iczer 3 anime ver. with Kotaro Minami himself:……

And Iczer-3 Audio ver. with Kikaider and Metalder:……

Yeah,me saying that Iczer is tokusatsu isn't far-off. All the superficial tropes and tricks and traditions of tokusatsu are present in Iczer-1 and Iczer-3 and almost the universe of Iczer both Ren Arai and Toshiki Hirano created,you bet they were trying to make a hero here which is quite commendable for all terms.

What baffles me the most are of course,the Novels of both Iczer-1 and Iczer-3. Where the HELL ARE THEY? Are they even published,made or something? You can totally see that both Iczer-1 and Iczer-3 are pissed off at Hirano for not completing the products so far,he might have fallen over and just given up since he most likely didn't have any assistants or help for this kinda project. Possibly because no one understood what Iczer meant. 

You know what the meaning of the word Iczer means? Iczer is a romanization of a japanese word called ikusa which means war,campaign,battle or fight. I got the meaning from here for sources:… Regardless,things just kept getting worst for the Iczer series as we learn that the supposed Iczer-2 story was eventually turned into a doujin by Hirano's wife - Narumi Kakinouchi who was responsible for creating the Vampire Princess Miyu series and the doujin is right here for everyone's wondering pleasure:…
What's left of it anyways.

Iczer-4 ended up into this little devil here in Hirano's director breakthrough anime and one of my faves,Magic Knight Rayearth:… Say hello to Nova,kids. She is that mean and she looks like an Iczer:…

So whatever the probs are,it prompted Hirano to just place both Iczelion and Iczer Legend in their own timelines Gundam style but it gets even more crazy. OH!! There's another Iczer-3 audio which places Iczer-3 anime and Iczelion in the SAME DAMN TIMELINE!! CRAZY ENOUGH FOR YAZ? So there ya go,the timeline of a crazy anime which has hidden potential to be another of Japan's heroes...almost. It's a shame really and now you know why I'm so fixated to this series like how the 90's kid in AT4W is in love with the 90's. I'm a sucker for tokusatsu/special effects shows and I hope Hirano brings it back. Maybe...someday...Happy 30th anniversary Iczer-1.
Protect Thyself by RyugaSSJ3
Protect Thyself
So here's this contest in :iconhomeandhearthonline: where I'm supposed to draw myself 'in armor that represents what they feel armor specific to them would look like along with their heart being turned into a "spirit animal/creature" that fights along side you. In the description, the participant would describe each item on the armor and their functions along with why their heart represents such. c:

For those who don't feel they're very artsy, they can either write a story about them in a battle and what they may be struggling with or struggled with in the past in a figurative way if they'd like or they could make themselves using: and upload and describe just like the drawing version or create and write! c:' Well,that's what this journal says: homeandhearthonline.deviantart…

So here's my description of how I feel and what armor I felt that I'm wearing and why it is best suited for me. 

So I watched Iczelion - War Girl,that 2 part OVA and the robot that turns into the armor suits the girls who wear them. It can be worn by a man,they just don't have a lot of dudes in there. XD The armors seen in Iczelion seems to have a LOT of arsenals and weapons at the user's convenience so the user can wield either a lightsaber,crossbow or even a gun anytime they want. The armor also has defensive capabilities even an energy shield in case of a huge energy disposal beam of sorts coming at the Iczelion. This means these weapons and this armor would be necessary for protection and defense from any kind of attack and would be use as an offense.

The armor I feel is best to me is the red one because I feel I have to keep on going and have a goal to accomplish regardless if I have something to protect or not. What's going through my life is that there always has to be rules and stipulations that kept on chaining me to the ground,forcing me to do things that are above my control so I keep on struggling to fight on but the chains keep on coming so I have to persevere in order to gain my freedom. I have to also use whatever I can including my wits to keep on living for tomorrow. There are soo many things I'm not proud to hear of and turn a blind eye. My spirit animal is a Liger which is a fusion between a tiger and a lion if they had mated. Ligers are real,man. Ligers seem to have a sense of freedom but also an authority that they tend to themselves and they would live for themselves which is something I would too.

Thanks for listening to this description. Make mine,Iczelion!!…

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Megazord Obari Style by RyugaSSJ3
Megazord Obari Style
I've been wanting to show this to you guys for quite some time aaannnd,I almost forgot there was sooo much crap in my stash,I didn't bother uploading it,man. -_-

But no matter,since MMPR the film will be coming soon in 2017 and that Power Rangers Dino Charge is pretty much better than what I expected (which a lot of Sentai/toku fans hated Kyoryuger because it features the Red Ranger waaaay too much),I thought I would give one of my old drawings much of an update and bada-bing bada boom,it's finito!!! :) Just savour it in,guys.

So yeah,I've been eyeing on the SkullGirls,created by the Lab 0 guys and to tell you the truth,this game is just wonderfully made and possibly the most hardboiled fighting game you'll ever see by your eyes to date.

I know I'm a fan of the old stuff tbh but a guy like me needs to get updated on what's new and hip going on in the net.

It's got fanservice,lots of fighting babes,weird characters,over-the-top nonsense you'll love,parodies,throwbacks,homages and tons and TONS of COMBO GREATNESS!! Srsly,land a combo on your opponents non-stop in this game. It feels great unlike some of the Capcom fighting games which felt a lil' clunky when it comes to chaining combos. 

So yeah,Lab 0's done quite a good job for themselves despite a rocky beginning no thanks to Konami (thanks to SomecallmeJohnny's review of the game,proving that Konami were a bunch of bigoted morons) and are now unleashing a new project which comes in the form of an RPG by the name of Indivisible which to tell you the truth,looks absolutely what I feel needs to happen!! There's only a few 18 days left and the dudes and gals at Lab 0 need 500k more in order to make this reality come true. I mean they got freakin' Naga Rider...NAGA RIDER!! How badass is that?!! Now come on to the link above and support it if you wanna see more great games by Lab 0!! Wanna see a new SkullGirls or a breath of fresh air and think that Modern WarFare needs to die in a fire,this is your ticket way out.


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Once a spriter but now a traditional artist who yearns the days of the golden age of anime where its hot and groovy. I believe it and it is my only wish for this world.

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Personal Quote: Let's rock!! Also trademarked 'Cybertronian shish-kebab' which I called Bludgeon's fighting style.

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ouo If Earl Zolubu was drawn in the style of Toshihiro Hirano, with his hair down & and not in an big Beifong bun, he would look at himself and say "Hey! Like this, weird I look!"… &…

I wonder he would think the same if he was in your style, Zaki.

Also, Earl's hair, when down, is in a 80’s Anthem Naoto Shibata hair style and the hair goes about a foot from Earl’s shoulder and goes down to his knees & over his shoulders, to his chest, in a Yang-grade of loose and messy.
KaumiThomason Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
Awesome taste in classic anime, gotta love ICZER-1. :)
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You betcha,baby!! B-)
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Penzoom Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I see, well how about i do a artwork for you if thats okay.DeviantArt 
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It will be splendid!! :)
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