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I now have what you have feared the most!! :iconryugassj3:RyugaSSJ3 9 20 I got Monstress,dudes! :iconryugassj3:RyugaSSJ3 5 6 Chingay Silent Disco of 2017 :iconryugassj3:RyugaSSJ3 3 9 Time for a star clash :iconryugassj3:RyugaSSJ3 12 7 Goddess Voltron W.I.P. inks :iconryugassj3:RyugaSSJ3 8 19
A little lesson about character design #1
Well,I'm like in a new school environment yet again but this time,in the world of Mages located in Orchard Central,Singapore. Pretty nice place if you ask me. I'll be sharing you 2D addicts on what I've been told by the great DreadJim and yes,this guy is teaching me Character Design and Environments and stuff for the 2D portions. I will be sharing what I've learned from the guy so far. 
So to make a guy and girl character - 
Starting off with the guy is what I call the '8 heads theory' 
This is a fool proof way on making dudes and let's ignore the female section,shall we? You gotta draw a head at the top first,then measure the head and make the measurements stack up all the way till the ground where your feet reside. 5 heads stacked up are where the navel is,6 heads up are the nipples,4 heads up is where the crotch is,7 heads up is where the chin is,two heads stacked make the knees and I think you get the idea. 1/3 of the meas
:iconryugassj3:RyugaSSJ3 5 2
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Sayaka Yumi Mazinger Z :iconbactino:bactino 2 8 Vegetto Steps by Steps :iconmaniaxoi:Maniaxoi 42 21
Mature content
my color edit of Cutey Honey in Tennyo Legend :iconlexicona96:Lexicona96 5 1
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Power Rangers,now marathoning on Go see it.
Instead of being ignorant and waiting for the "chance" to see Cho Super Hero Taisen and Kamen Sentai GoRiders,I happen to check out sources aaaand...lookie here..the guys who wrote Cho Super Hero Taisen is Shoji (Patrick Star as nicknamed by Sean Akizuki) Yonemura and GoRiders is written by Kento Shimoyama a.k.a I wrote Ninjas to be fools.  It's a DUO FROM HELL...KILL ME NOW.

I often even wonder HOW Toei is able to go afloat despite them PISSING OFF fans. Dragonball,Sailor Moon,Super Sentai,Kamen Rider,other stuff like anime. 

They just happen to be in a SHADOW of their former glory waay back in the 80's - 90's. This is my response to Toei if they KEEP on putting SHITHEADS like Shoji Yonemura and Kento Shimoyama or ASSHAT MISERLY SALESMEN like Shinichiro Shirakura in a business that ALSO deals with creativity.

'Look,I don't care if you're Japanese or any other country and your social and whatever cultural differences you have,there's only ONE THING that I DON'T tolerate and that is the INSENSITIVITY you bring to your game when it comes to bringing these pop-culture icons BACK on the screen for all the people to witness. When they realize their FAVE characters they love and grew up with got BUTCHERED for some hack-needed BULLSHIT called PLOT (and we're not talking about TITS MIND YOU!!),you KNOW YOU'VE DONE FUCKED UP. You're turning into something that WE people and fans have dreaded for ever since the days of the original Robocop and that is corporate takeover nonsense and tyranny over properties. You DON'T wanna change your ways and find innovative ways to make a story or something like Marvel and DC? Tough! I know fans woulda done BETTER jobs at either animating or directing or whatever. You just DON'T have the means or any kind of resources as it seems to make things hinge off the cliff as you keep on pushing away fans and JUST ALIENATING THOSE who would be given the wrong idea of these past heroes! You wanna KEEP ON WRITING SHIT?!! FINE!! BE THAT WAY!! You wanna keep on making everyone disappointed?!! It's what you're good at it seems these days. Just screw off TOEI. FUCK YOU and your BULLSHIT MAKING DECISIONS!! I've had ENOUGH OF YOUR SPIRIT-BREAKING BULLSHIT TO THESE HEROES!!' 

I know I'd sound cruel but I would love to see something like crossovers done right...but not like this. We love heroes for a reason. They inspire people even the ones who are living life,even those whose life is mediocre but there's an ART to having a fully-colored hero bring joy to not only kids..but people older or even the same AGE as these heroes. It's diversity. LEARN IT,TOEI! You're just pointing the gun at your own two feet.
Watched the first episode of Uchu Sentai Kyuranger...whoa..this is like anime. XD Also,the pacing of this episode is like..3 episodes combined into 1!! SLOW DOWN,WRITERS. Dammit. >_< Me and my brother's head almost got shot from the fast-pacing. Wish we knew more about the Sith lord dude who's the lord of the Jark Matter.

Also,Ex-aid is soooo getting good at this point. Oh,if you guys wanna know what I'm doing nowadays, I'm practicing on Lighting and UV Lighting effects of Maya 2017 using Arnold Renderer and Renderview and what not. Oh and Friday had a LOT of accidents which resulted in one person's death which was gruesome.…

Yeah,Orchard Central is where I go to my private school on weekdays and damn,I was at level 6 when this was going on. I then call this Friday...Fri-danger since seems a LOT of people are taking their lives for granted. There was this time when me and my pals were going to watch Lego Batman. We head to wait for the train which will take us to the neighboring town and a bunch of people rushed in to the train and ALMOST got flattened by the train doors. This is beginning to be a problem in my country as I said before. This is nuts.


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Once a spriter but now a traditional artist who yearns the days of the golden age of anime where its hot and groovy. I believe it and it is my only wish for this world.

You can check me out on facebook and twitter accounts.

Facebook - Mood Zak Wins

Twitter @IczerRyuga

if you're game enough.

Current Residence: Asia..Singapore..darn
deviantWEAR sizing preference: dunno wth it is and dun care
Print preference: no idea wth it is
Favourite genre of music: Hip-hop,R & B,classics,jazz,rap
Favourite photographer: Can't remember anything bout it
Favourite style of art: Obari and Kanada style animation,80's japanese style
Operating System: of what sort it is
MP3 player of choice: My Mobile phone,duh!
Shell of choice: What shell,is it rogue from x-men?
Wallpaper of choice: Anything that suits me except for SD and cutesy stuff..i'm the type for manly stuff.
Skin of choice: What? it's white of course..what the heck
Favourite cartoon character: Sara Yuki,Cable,Umi Ryuuzaki,Iczer-2,Minami Kotaro
Personal Quote: Let's rock!! Also trademarked 'Cybertronian shish-kebab' which I called Bludgeon's fighting style.

I will not be accepting any requests anymore and now,commissions will have to be prepared for anyone willing to pay these prices.

15 - 30 points for black and white sketch (pencil)

50 - 75 points for b&w sketch (pen)

100 points for colored portrait (pencil)

300 points for complete utter art (combo of pens,pencils and markers,paint,whatever)



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driftbee Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
THanks for the fave +fav :D (Big Grin) 
RyugaSSJ3 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
What fave? Oh,the other one. Yer welcome.
RyugaSSJ3 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
What fave? Oh,the other one. Yer welcome.
finalmaster24 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017
So episode 4 of Ninja Steel came out. While the moral is messy, do you think Preston is better than Yakumo?
RyugaSSJ3 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
finalmaster24 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017
Explain why Preston is better than Yakumo.
RyugaSSJ3 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Unlike Yakumo who thinks himself as a better person,WE REALLY DON'T KNOW WHY he joined the wizard school to begin with. He also happens to be soo much of a stuck-up asshole and let's be honest. The guy who played Yakumo or "CLOUD" is a HORRID actor. It's like the guy wanted his pay or just didn't give a shit about being a Sentai actor whatsoever. It's like 'Whatevs' whenever he's on film.

Preston on the other hand is full of joy and kinda like a kid who just wants to make people happy. He's got a childhood that lots of people wished they had his because let's be honest too 'People's lives can vary from person to person'. Preston may be a klutz but a good-hearted person who can easily be the center of comedy potential. Yakumo...he just stands around,doing nothing while also looking pathetic and his GRASP of English can be described as the MOST ANNOYING FACTOR AMONG MANY in Ninnin-losers. Preston started off not being able to trick anyone with his "magic". Good enough because well,he was going to be an entertainer so his motive is there but at least he didn't join some non-existant wizardry school that some mom from a model company is ABLE TO TRACK DOWN EASILY!! 

Preston in ep. 4 wanted to show off his newly found magic but is ignored by his peers which is funny at first because they knew Preston was failing in the first seconds of the episode. It's funny how Preston gets interrupted but then when a milkshake fell onto Calvin,Preston is like any other child 'thrilled' to have his powers in check. I feel that Preston with his happy-go lucky nature is quite refreshing to see since Japanese dragons in folklore are water and are peaceful and gentle creatures. Same thing can be said for Preston whereas Yakumo who IS Japanese,seems like a stuck-up asshole.

Also...what is Yakumo EVEN being a NINJA AND A MAGICIAN FOR?!! WHAT IS HE TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH FOR WIZARDRY?!! I'll never understand him.
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sailorsniper Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Just added you on facebook.
RyugaSSJ3 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks yo.
silverhedgehog2009 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017… look that one new kais look just like sumfer   cut the ears off remove hair gievgh I'm white cap what you get  smumfer airka sbcli  made  smufer as kai that so lame
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