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Warning,this review will contain a very angry reviewer's views and swearing later on. If you don't like it,well you might wanna see some random cat video about a cat biting a finger. Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn!!

Eight against ZA WARUDO!!! 

Dio's such a badass. B-)

Let's get on to this episode,shall we?!!

In Nixon's penthouse,Nixon states of getting 'ingredients' but it will only prolong the situation and time will run out. Feeling guilty for being powerless,he wishes someone would help him. Hey,the best character arrives. M.D who is such a badass along with..Luna...yay. Connor and Alexis walks in as well and asks Nixon what we already know. Nixon replied that Menace is still alive but Sean and leaf's fate remains unknown. M.D reveals that Nixon isn't what he seems to be. It is clearly seen in episode 7 of Crusaders Adventures when Nixon mentions of a war he was in long ago. Stephanie thought it was bullshit and we know what Nixon really is. Mortikai who was mentioned in Guardians of Avalon was actually Nixon all along. Is it me or does Mortikai sound like something from Thatguywiththeglasses or some villain in a Masked Rider tokusatsu? No...? Oh well. Since M.D time travels from time to time,he knows something is up. So Mortikai tells his tale to everyone stating that he made the godforsaken immortality potion in order to...take over Modern Europe when the world was developing. Archimedes stopped him in his tracks but he spared his life,asking him to use his power for the good of mankind. From that day onwards,he was reformed. 

When the dark plague spread,he was too late to return home. Trying to catch up to Xavier was already an impossibility and also his greatest regret that he never got to repay. A few centuries have passed and he has amassed a fortune to keep on helping others to keep his debt to Archimedes. The only debt he yet to complete is to help Xavier as his father helped Mortikai reformed him to a better person. M.D then explains that Sean's Journal,Menace's Keyblade and fightingleaf's best friend Husky would not end his immortality but used as a key to a much demonic power. Xavier also seems to be a pawn to a big demon. M.D and Mortikai/Nixon now comes up with a plan to get ingredients all over the world. The eternal winter is held by Glacius,the ice dragon from Episode 10 of the Crusader Adventures,the spirit berry found in Japan,the heart of the sun is lost in Machu Picchu and the fang of the Leviathan is locked up in a government warehouse in Nevada. However,since there are 3 teams and four items,how will they get the last item? A voice is heard and a girl with purple hair appears before them. 

Her name is Avian who is a fan of the,first Alari,now this? Ok. I can comply to this. Her powers include fire and super strength. Much better than the civilian powers in Power Rangers Operation,nonoNOOO!!!

This season sucks!! THE OPENING TOO!! Who cares?!! No one especially Linkara cares about it!! UGHHH,well at least this team is much better compared to that other shitty team. Now that the stage is set,let's begin the scavenger hunt,shall we?
Nixon activates a computer with an A.I that is,hey it's Caz,the puppet of Dr Menace and is a muppet by no means. Alari will get the Eternal Winter,Connor will retrieve the Heart of the Sun,Avian will pluck the Spirit berry and M.D will steal the Fang of the Leviathan. Caz questions why Avian wasn't the person to get the Eternal Winter because obvs but Nixon sticks to what he had planned.

To Canada we go: Sabelina escorted Alari to Canada where Glacius resides. In order to fool Glacius to show her the Eternal Winter,Sabelina gives Alari one of her claws to convince him that Alari slayed her and to top it off,Sabelina enhances the winged girl's arrows with the power of fire!! She warns Alari that she will keep the ice cavern open but if Glacius attempts to escape or someone else sees the cave,she will have no choice but to collapse the opening to the cave for good. Upon listening to the warning,Alari sets off while saying the most facepalm-inducing quote ever. Get to that later to the end. Alari reaches the dead end of the cave to see Glacius in her sights. She flatters the giant beast till it reveals the element she needs. She tore it to pieces with her Heat Arrow. After receiving the piece of it,she attempts the escape but the dragon was too huge for her to get through,that is until she decides to put him in the freezer for good. XD So score one for the New Guardians of Avalon.

Off to Machu Picchu: Alexis and Connor came across the entrance to the temple which Connor moved an obstacle aside. Upon entering the temple,Connor stopped Alexis from moving as the wooden...floor below her before she stepped on it was collapsible. They reached an inner temple to find a giant cobra statue in front of them. Alexis had mixed feelings on the situation but as soon as she turned back to Connor,something is causing him to daze completely. Alexis gazed upon the eyes of the cobra and it her suspicions were correct. The cobra was playing with their minds. She kicked the cobra's eyes to break the spell and explained to Connor that back in Episode 8 and 9 of Crusaders Adventures,a circus planned to keep her in their hands but it took 2 days for her to be their puppet. So they not only received two snake eyes just in case but also the Heart of the sun which was inside the snake statue. BULLSHIT!! That's contrived writing at its finest!! That's like a robot running on lava: 

Get to Japan before my brain hurts from coincidence: Avian passed the last marker where the map she's holding on to find the Spirit Berry. Nixon warns Avian about a monster lurking in the Aokigahara forest. Five hours passed and she's lost. She asked the old coot on the age of the map and he said it was a century old. This got her to lose some of her composure. Makes you think. She ponders if anyone around her surroundings could help...if there is anyone there. A sound was heard and it came from the tree Avian's facing. The old man advised her to get out but feeling stubborn stupid,she thinks she could handle the beast. Nice goin',b*****. But she was wise to stay because it turns out our good friend,the Talking Tree had returned. See kids,false bravery can get you a talking tree! XD She asks the tree where the Spirit Berry is but the Talking tree answers with 'Imma talking treeee!!!' She asked him a second time but the tree kept annoying her. She pretends to annoy the tree by claiming that it was a squirrel that was manipulating the tree to move and speak. The overgrown Mahogany decided to reveal that it did kept the Spirit Berry. That sunnuva bitch!

Cut to Nevada: M.D and Luna arrived at a warehouse that belonged to Project: Diana which happened back in Guardians of Avalon (please see my review for that audio drama) and now it's nothing more than a sitting duck because the United Nation are a bunch of pussies to get themselves fried if they do something foolish like set a trap using some magic that will create a black hole or unleashing a kraken. Even though there's a ton of crates,Project Diana was generous enough to label their crates in alphabetical order. But here's a catch,even if Project: Diana is long gone,the U.N ain't impaired to leave the crates taken as there are security measures to be triggered if anything must happen to the crates. Cutting the security systems would mean having to shut down the power throughout the complex and if that's not enough,the power system is being monitored and if that's not degrading enough,you need a specific key card to open the crates without triggering the alarms and M.D has no idea if the fang was in F or L for Leviathan. This gave Luna a sigh of annoyance and humiliation,you gotta feel sorry. This was too much for her and hey,I'm not gonna blame her. Since going to L was such a good idea,footsteps can be heard and the two sneaky pirates have no choice but to hide. Those footsteps actually belong to the two Doofus Burglars...wait..that's not their names...well,they're clueless right? Oh well. 

So the two Doofuses of all people barged in commenting their usual gig as Frank says the craziest things ever. No seriously,he's nuts. Franks picks up the right crate which the moron quickly dropped it,triggering the alarm. Luna sees the two and decides to chase after them. The three morons got caged in a metallic chamber and M.D has to jailbreak them,recounting where he's gone wrong. I feel ya,bro. 
Walking out of the warehouses,he met some....accidents he never wanna get into. It's the Waverly Warriors lead by Wednesday Waverly himself. Waverly and M.D have their regular banter on why M.D is here in the first place and M.D does a swanky job on puzzling the poor official himself. Suddenly,a gunshot was heard and a helicopter was taking off from the complex itself. The Two Dumb Bas...I mean,thieves..Burglars are escaping!! M.D and Luna met up again and M.D is not impressed with Luna's answer: 'The two were two quick and when the army showed up,I had to hide.' M.D finds it hard to believe that a 20 foot long quadrapetic beast was outrunned by a bunch of burglars with a low logic to her,sarcastically while he has to deal with Naggy Daddy and his sheeps - the slaughter army. I find your frustration sympathetic,man. The two fly up in the air to catch the crooks.

The burglars think they could get away but they have been surrounded by the Waverly warriors in the same type of helicopters they're using. This got the two pirates confused on which helicopter to shoot down. They got the right goose to shake and it's going,going...gone!! M.D isn't gonna take any of their shit and decides to intimidate them to let go of the artifact. They did since Clancy,one of the two burglars is a coward and they ran off. The Leviathan Fang is obtained and to top it all off,Waverly thinks he placed a tracking device on M.D buuut,it turns out the device is on his ear!! Wow,what a wavering moron. XD The cure has to be completed by an hour but if it won't,it will be completed in another day and another day isn't going to be in anyone's favour. Mortikai is completing the cure as quickly as he can.

Back in a dark cavern,it turns out that the Two burglars were hired by Malphas of all people to retrieve the fang. This annoyed Malphas slightly but in return,he decided to fire them since it was too good for them and he was in a pleasant mood than last time. Xavier heard voices coming from Malphas' room but Malphas shrugs it off as 'clearly talking to myself'. Oh well,he is a devil after all. Malphas stated that the journal was too difficult to translate but will be deciphered quickly as possible. Xavier explains that Professor Cabbage would also be a vital help to finish the key to the "ritual". He also promised that the professor will be spared after this thing is done.

So for something that was meant to introduce new heroes,this was a pretty cool stuff. Not masterpiece quality but very good like..a B would work. Alari comes off as the Jubilee of the team. She thinks she can handle situations on her own but often comes head first and keeps going into trouble. Her voice acting kinda seems off at times but is not in anyway bad. The only thing bothering me is the quote she says: 
2:19. Really,Alari? Is that the best you can come up with? Like..Jack Robinson? I know you people didn't know pop culture much buuuuut..what about? 'Before you can say....'I aiiiin't gonna have this sitting down.' like Jontron or something? Or Kowabunga,Booyakasha or freaking anything but Jack Robinson!! How 'bout 'That's just prime.'? Nevermind. -_-

Connor and Alexis are the hard-hitters in this episode..they ain't bad. Alexis is the optimist while Connor is authoritative but he's also...awkward..when saving Alexis,he stutters and it seems he has nothing else to say. We know if there are traps,the people of long ago didn't want their shit to be stolen. Check out this at 0:18:

Even at 7:07 here: 

He's just saying everything that was said before..I was just face-palming from what I've heard. Yes,I get it. There will be evil forces,it's not like anyone saw this coming. There were times when I said: (12:28 please)

We'll get to the big part after Ep.6's analysis is over and :iconthetigerwolf55:,I have to say I'm sorry if I offended you in anyway possible. It's not my fault for watching too much Nostalgia Critic,AVGN,Linkara,HappyConsoleGamer,Angry Joe and heck,even The Completionist. I really am. You are a great person with a cool voice and I will recommend anyone to watch you. :(

Avian is sort of the weak link since she just came out of nowhere,wanting to help. Isn't Alari doing that already? Oh well,more for everyone I guess. She comes off as a nice person but when things or someone tries to confuse her or irritate her,we see a very interesting side of her that wasn't seen by the others except for Nixon,the frustrated side of her. This reminds me of Ghor from Metroid Prime 3 before the infection of Phazon,he's a nice guy but after being doused by Phazon,he's blinded by rage. This,oughta be interesting as we get to the 7th part of the review.

M.D and Luna are a bag of dynamic duos. M.D is the serious competent time-traveler seen in Guardians of Avalon while Luna is a dumb...clueless dragon who can only do the simple things. M.D knows a lot of things since he is immortal and can travel through time with his machine..dudududu,singing Adventures in Wonderland like it ain't no thang,man. So M.D's frustration is really humorous coupled with Luna's idiocy and loudness. Strangely enough,Luna feels ashamed and humiliated after they snuck in the warehouse and realized that thieving is harder than it looks. I know the feeling,girl. She really wishes she was smarter and not simple-minded during that time. M.D is also cool at times but when you tick him off,he will get quite scary if he doesn't get what he wants as he turns his attention towards the two burglars. Yup,they really are a pain in the ass,are they?

The comedy in this is really mixed. The part where Nixon said not to steal the picture during the first part was hilarious but when he said he was conquering the world,it could have worked if Alexis' laugh was accompanied by a Wah wah waaaahhhhhh or a Price is right losing horn. Another that couldn't work is that Avian destroyed the penguin picture which should have been followed up with a NOOOOOOOOOO!!! by Nixon. I dunno why. It should have impacted you,man. Instead,it's followed up by Luna who states her fireballs are bigger. That's not funny!!

The one thing...the one question that haunts me till this day...what the hell is up with the stories between Joe the Shopkeeper episode 18 to Guardians of Avalon till Cipher Crusade 2. It just doesn't feel right. You don't know what I'm saying? Here it is: 

You get the idea! Nixon stated that he and "his father" went to see Xavier Boxton which Xavier was originally going to be called according to the Makings of Cipher Crusade 2. They were both apprentices to him and one day,Xavier gave him his wand which is obviously Dr Walc's staff used in the later episodes after The Epically Awesome Show's Second season was done but before Wolfbane saga which was awesome. But in Guardians of Avalon,Xavier stated that he was the son of Archimedes and one day,he drank a potion of immortality and can't get out of it. What the hell is going on?!!

What did Nixon do? Lie? What happened after the Showdown episode in the Epically Awesome show? Did Dr. Walc managed to alter time and history which is why Charlie McFry is no longer seen by anyone ever again?  If that's the case,how the hell did Dr Menace and Nixon and the world get out of what's going on in the showdown episode?

Maybe it goes like this,Xavier is the son of Archimedes,drank the immortality potion,dropped the wand after he was banished from Avalon and was rejected by his father,Nixon somehow picked up the wand during his quest to search for him,he met a father figure whom he looked upon and got filthy rich,he got broke till something big happens to him and he ended up in Joe's house,tells Joe...more like lie to him in order to not have anyone raise any eyebrows on him since he was immortal and there we go. I fixed the story. Nixon,I know how you feel. Being immortal isn't all that cracks up to be.

Zac Elliot,hope you can see this,man 'cause this development hell was crazy.

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