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Hey guys,sorry this review took long enough. Y' know the old saying,do what you gotta do whenever you can otherwise I am damned:  look at 4:57,

anyways,here is the review for Guardians of Avalon made by ZMediaProductions.

Before we get started,I'd liked to address a few things. First of all,this is not a movie but made by a Youtube user who seems to be on the site for 5 years and still trying to reach the net. ZMediaProductions is made up of fightingleaf,WingWolfedAlari,VibraniumProductions,Tigerwolf87,MenaceofGames and few others that are still growing especially star2behold. I've been following them for one year and they actually ain't bad unless you're assuming you like swearing and stuff like Jontron,egoraptor and lots to name. They make reviews,playthroughs,podcasts now and most of all,they are superhero group who fight criminals such as the 26 Society,Congregation of Fear and of course,the Circle of Satan.

2nd,this is my review. I do whatever I want with it,even if it means reviewing independent made films and such.

3rd,This is an audio drama movie soooo let's leave it at that. This is a prequel to the superhero drama that I mentioned the description at the first point called 'Crusaders Adventures' which sounds bland. I was thinking more of the Marvelous Crusaders as a better title but whatever floats Sean Basinger's boat I guess who is the creator of ZMediaPro,VibraniumPro and of course the Crusaders. He goes by the name Fox in the Fedora.


During the years of old before the Earth we knew,there was a war between humans and beasts. Let's rock! (Guilty Gear reference insert.) An angel from the heavens named Michael chosen a man named Archimedes to stop the war and to bring peace throughout the land. He then created an island named Avalon which serves as a paradise for all beasts who are hated by society which makes sense to me since I know X-men and Magneto wanted to make a haven for mutants. Certain beasts could hide among men if they wanted to as an alternative. During the commotion,Death was stripped of his powers and was turned into a mortal as penance for starting the war between beast and humans and since then,he's been scheming to restart it....

Forward to 1995 as an ex-military Sergeant 'Randolf Marcotte' was approached by an agent named Dominic Blackthorne during a club event about a werewolf incident. This placed Randolf and his sister in a dangerous position as both who are secretly werewolves are being chased down by a secret organization who hunts down the supernatural and superstitious phenomenons founded on Earth for unknown reasons. Being rescued by a mysterious pirate named 'MD' or Mister Director,Randolf must place his trust in the man who saved him in order to find out the secrets of the shady but unknown 'Project Diana' organization.


Randolf Marcotte: For a main character,he really does feel different unlike any main character I know who are cheery,light-hearted or even have perfectly good lives. This guy defines what a lonely and claustrophobic lifestyle he got since he is a were-wolf by night and person by day since young. He is not a guy whom you would see having a good time even though the environment he is in seems quiet and peaceful. He just wanted to live in peace but unfortunately like the Hulk,he's not gonna get the time alone as he is always keeps on getting harassed by agents and gov spies. Near the end,he's gone mad since he's been stripped of his humanity and now,he hungers for revenge. I won't tell you what happened to him in the end but the ending was deeply saddening for him. His voice actor did a great job too giving him a very dark and depressing voice along with a revenge-seeking psycho at the end. Overall,the star of the show.

Alyxis Defou (How you pronounce this bitch's surname?): Alyxis debuted in Part 2 of the Audio movie,comes off as annoying at first but she is meant to be the positive Percy of the duo,Randolf and Alyxis. She has this Cajun accent which the voice actor manages to pull off and most of the time,spot on,ol' bean. Like I said before,she comes off as annoying when Randolf met her but upon meeting her...she's annoying..nah. This part here: 8:31 please...match made in comedy history. Randolf is the perfect foil to her. Later on,she comes off as a sentimental slob..that word didn't work,eh? Well,she does feel sorry for the main character in Pt. 4 when we get to know more about Randolf's unhappiness. Despite the dopy attitude she has like Dopy from Snow white by Disney,she is an agile thief and a quick thinker in dire situations. A perfect asset to the Guardians team established in this drama.

Mister Director: Possibly the coolest character in this drama. Why? Because he swears later on. XD Well,he is comin' off in the first part as a drunker as people might first look at him but he's got an agenda every-time he moves or finishes his work. He is a time-traveler who doesn't reveal his secrets which makes him a dangerous but valuable asset to the Guardians' team. He knows a lot of things especially Solomon's ring and is possibly a psychic. Really a nutball but a fun one when he's next to Randolf. star2behold should be drinking wine when he accomplishes such a feat. 

Michael Harker: The comic relief of the drama who appears in Part 3 who was accused of killing his tv associate which in reality,a ring from King Solomon actually spirited him away in a gruesome manner. He has his suspicions about the main cast at first but upon being attacked by Project Diana and seeing Alyxis...the fox anthro,he flips his shit. He is basically scared when seeing the truth and it cracks me up. XD Also a great character.

The Council of Avalon: 

Sabelina: Well,I do not like Sabelina's voice actor ever since watching the Crusaders' Adventures. Her pronunciation is off and her voice really doesn't fit really but this is the only time Sabelina would work really as this is supposed to be her younger self,right? Sabelina is an authority like Nova Prime from Guardians of the Galaxy (which is an awesome movie. Go check it out if you haven't.) She is a no-nonsense type and well,she does it right. Also,I know a lot of people who have subbed to ZMedia will feel that Sabelina felt like a bitch in the Crusaders Adventures Ep 1-3 but it makes sense here as the events that happened in this drama will already affect her. Having seeing Randolf and Michael Harker will keep her suspicions up towards Dr Menace,fightingleaf and Sean...and Husky.

Princess Ishleen: A tough bitch for a princess and possibly,a strong one who doesn't back down in a fight. I'm really amused by this character because not a lot of princesses have the backbone to fight back,even at a dick like Drathgorn who is like my Prime Minister,a corrupt leader of Avalon politics. She is wild and really rebellious. 

Side characters:

Azura: I...don' In fact...I hate goody,goody characters like her in a dark drama like this. There's always gotta be a catch,ain't there? There's Princess Romina from Ninja Robot Tobikage and Princess Allura from Voltron but this fairy takes the cake of being the nicest around. She gives food to a very deranged demi-god named Xavier who saved her from dark fairies,tried to help Alyxis in the finale and...I have no words to say about her except annoying. That's what she is and thank god she never appears ever again.


Samael/Death: A real villain and a very twisted one at that. He gets every chance of overtaking our heroes at any opportunity given including a mistake that happened at Part 3 when kidnapping Michael Harker. This gave Samael or the Grim Reaper from Castlevania ideas to take down the Guardians' by having Drathgorn who is also a great villain who took over Avalon by having the soldiers of Avalon go against the Council to use as traps for getting the Guardians. Cold,mysterious and calculating,he is one bad dude not to be taken lightly.

Dominic Blackthorne: Ah yeah,pretty much an anti-hero I wanna talk about for a loooong ass time. He doesn't care about the rules but what gives him the motivation to go one hunting is his family's legacy of hunting monsters down and an ego-maniac at that. His voice actor does give him the good edge of being a no-nonsense bad dude of the drama and with Prof. Loring as his aid,makes for great duo. His interactions with the creatures of Avalon are also hilarious,even with Sabelina at the final part. XD What I don't like about him is this part here:  16:32 please..
Yeah dude,your shouting nor frustration isn't convincing enough. Shout as hard as you want man!! My ears won't hurt a bit. Still,it's just a minor setback but that part bothered me. 

Xavier: Ahhh,the really crazy person of the drama. Always a good one. He is the son of Archimedes who was meant to be the heir of Avalon but upon seeing the princess,he fell in love with her. Suddenly,a new,horrible menace appeared..threatening the galaxy..Voltron is needed once mo...wait,this isn't Voltron. Dammit!! Suddenly,a horrible plague threatened the land,taking everyone by storm except for Archimedes and Xavier but the princess was affected by the plague. Xavier rushed to find a cure to help his lover but unaware,he gave her a poison that killed her after he was tricked to drinking an immortality potion made by an all-powerful alchemist called Mortikai (sounds like a Kamen Rider villain) by a demon disguised as an angel. Xavier was then banished out of Avalon for killing him was impossible. He is possibly crazy. Misguided but crazy and a desperate fool too. You gotta feel bad for him...his end was...surprising. Although,Dr Menace voiced Xavier which is strange considering how happy Dr Menace is in real life. XD gotta watch the series yourself. It's fantasticy.

Music: Music is royaltyfree which is really bad but it does fit the wondrous and ponderous feeling of the movie itself although I hate the club music here:  2:34

Still could've used this:  or any of Macross 82-99's other works.

Art: Well,it's....kinda...shit. That's what the art is but guess that's not what an audio was meant to have. Cipher Crusade 2 will give you a much better art direction but the art direction here will seg-way us to a very,very childish art direction seen in Crusaders Adventures Ep 8-10. But if I have to pick the art between those eps and this,this one is much more clearer but it will leave a bad taste in your mouth. This is before they got better artists btw so it ain't that bad but it is to me.

Overall,Guardians of Avalon is a breather from all what we've seen and it's really unique because it's a secret battle between life and death and of course political battles in a fantasy world is rare to see and a moody main character with events revolving around which will affect him makes this audio movie a blast. Check it out:…

Next review: Cipher Crusade 2....Beyond God and Devil...


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