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Top 10 Games that need to be hacked by RyugaSSJ3
Top 10 Games that need to be hacked
So with modern tech,we can almost go the distance. With the advent of indy games,we can almost do that..make games we always wanted like sidescrollers and beat-em-ups alike. However,some of us rather create games with the characters and franchises we knew and love which brings us Sonic games a plenty,Streets of Rage Remake V5,Megaman Unlimited and counting. There are also revivals such as Ducktales Remastered,Contra Rebirth,Double Dragon Neon,sooo many Street Fighter 4s and more.

However,there are games we look back and thought they could be better so it's time for me to count my top 10 games that need to be's..No.10..

Fatal Fury Special is one of the most beloved Fatal fury games on the Neo geo back in the 90's so porting it was a no-brainer. We're talking about the Sega vs Nintendo war back then and the Fatal fury 2 ports on both Genesis and Snes were the greatest but the Genesis version was much superior,we had to deal with SNES vs Sega CD. Unfortunately,SNK chose a wrong move into hiring a starting company during the 90's by the name of Funcom whom are now great for MMORPGs nowadays,they had to make games of their own and also,port both Samurai Showdown and FF Special on the Sega CD. Samurai Showdown was pretty awesome on the Sega CD but the worst thing to happen was the FF Special port they did which was sloppy,the movements were sluggish and even the hit detection was crap. I dunno why they did this,should've been Gaibrain and Takara to handle the CD port since they did great on Fatal Fury 1,and Fatal Fury 2 on Sega and Nintendo. Hell,Takara did a great job on the Game gear Fatal Fury Special..I know Funcom was a noobie back then but the sheer disrespect by leaving the Fatal Fury Special on Sega CD port was still unforgivable.

No.9 Wolverine on NES
I know a lot of you guys watched the AVGN reviewed some terrible X-men games on the NES by LJN. (Don't lie to me,I know you guys did.) According to ZeroGamer24,this game and Spiderman: Return of the Sinister shit was actually decent:… At the time,this was the first and only game you could play as the badass of claws himself,Wolverine before now we get a slew of 'em. Nowadays,he's just an oldman playing playboy by Hugh Jackman. Still,this game has some pretty cool mechanics to go with but really terrible hit-detection like if you touch a Silver surfer guy,your life will deplete faster than rain water. It is pathetic. However,I'd liked to see this game being hacked like if you get his,you will blink for a few seconds before being hit again. To use your claws would mean to deplete a claw meter,not your health because that would be stupid if it did so. To regain life,you stand still and it also does refill your claw meter,even if you use your claws. Also,I'd liked to see the Spiderman: Return of the Sinister Six being hacked into a better game too...with better controls.
Also,have Magneto explode after you beat him. I dunno why but it's much better than him running away. Also,have the ending better than the final product with Logan with his mask off. It's a grade F ending. 

No. 8: Silver Surfer on NES
AVGN reviewed this game. This game ain't bad but it just needed more..just more like a health bar or a difficulty setting. Heck,I'd liked to see something different since this is the only Silver Surfer game in existence which is a really huge accolade for the silver humanoid.

No. 7: Fatal Fury 2 on game boy
It needs better controls and smoothness of gameplay. Nuff said. 

No.6: Transformers Headmasters on Famicom Disk System
Diffculty setting needed. Better Controls and Hardhead needs to have a better crosshair for his tank mode. He's the hard hitter of the Headmasters. Also,challenge needs to be adjusted just right and have the robots be like the robots from the Transformers line-up.

No.5: Revengers of Vengeance on Sega CD
To tell you the truth,this game shoulda been good but all it took is lousy game set-ups from the get go. The characters needs more interesting moves,the Multiplayer thingy should have a tourney and the Quest for Venum should have been better. Here's one thing,why not have the Quest for Venum be like Art of Fighting 1 where the town becomes a rest area and you can join in games to rank up your level. Your menu can show you not only your character's stats but also their move list. Keep important shops like one shop,one guild with three options: Easy,Medium and Legendary and the last shop will be your save option. There,is it too hard?!! Also,when you level up,you can have unique things like a new move,double jump and more. The gameplay will not be broken like short jumps and weak attacks and shit. I've a lot to talk about this game.

No. 4: Arrow Flash on the Sega Genesis
It's a decent game but it needs one thing...Challenge. If the challenge is near perfect,then Sega would have a franchise on their hands with a beautiful lady to boot piloting a faux-Dragonar-1. Nuff said which reminds me of another game.

No.3: Gekisou Sentai Carranger on Super Famicom's Sufami Turbo
Making a game based off of Super Sentai should be easy buuuut..Bandai had to make it complicated for all of us,first of all,if you guys don't know anything about Sufami Turbo,look up this part here by my friend,AllieRX87: So this game is just piss think a game about a parody of Sentai would be awesome,right? Let alone a comedy? Well,here's the thing...they decided to make it piss easy so that you can breeze through everything!! This game really needed a difficulty setting like Normal or difficult and you can use weapons with a different button after you collect it. Signalman and VRV Master should be playable too. Also,the good ending needed to be better and options menu is needed so you can set difficulty and even listen to the music or adjust continues.

Also,hack the game to be a regular Super Famicom Cartridge rather than a Sufami Turbo since it really didn't need it to begin with. 

No.2: VR Troopers on Sega Genesis.
Needs better gameplay. Nuff said.

Runner-Up: Kamen Rider Black on Famicom Disk System
This game deserves better like a VS mode,quick moving Masked Rider..Up and Attack to kick..lots more and also,have Shadowmoon be Shadowmoon other than a recolor of Black himself. The good ending must also be re-written. This game needs more...much more.

Now for No.1: Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger on Famicom
This game rather be a hack of Jetman on Famicom but with Zyurangers in it. Nuff said.

So hope you guys enjoy this list or otherwise,leave a comment on what retro games should you want to see being hacked to be better. :) Watch, whatever,man. XD
I'll tell you all a tale of it next time..'soon to be edited'
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